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Everything should just work smoothly when designing electromechanical components. Manufacturers need a vendor and supply network with the best options to realise their vision in full production results.

That is why MEC IMEX serves as an authorised distributor for the industry’s top manufacturers. Vanguard Products Corp. is one company from the United States that we represent.

Vanguard Products components MEC IMEX distributes

MEC IMEX is always sourcing materials, knowledge, and collaboration that best serve our clients and their future.

Vanguard Products is a full-service manufacturing and engineering company providing precision elastomeric fabricated goods. Its headquarters and production facility is located on the US east coast, close to seaport and airport shipping options.

Since 1966, Vanguard’s primary focus has been extruded and moulded rubber and silicone products. Over the years, it also developed an expertise in silicones and specialty elastomers, expanding into top quality, competitively priced gaskets, seals, hose, and electromagnetic (EMI) interference shielding gaskets.

Even if it never touches food, the designation “food-grade silicone” identifies it as a high-performance material. In electromechanical devices, internal wiring shielding can be made with food-grade silicone because it operates flexibly in temperatures ranging from -73 to 232 degree Celsius, with non-marking materials. Companies depend on this capability for industrial tubing, commercial food products such as freezers and commercial ovens, appliances, water filtration, and many other uses.

Smaller, internal components include compound rubber and silicone across a range of different volumes, colors, seals and gaskets, washers that protect wires, electric connections, and fiber optic sheathing.

RFID devices, cameras, and other products need protection of critical systems with an always-on, weather-resistant installation. Vanguard developed a patented Ultra-Vanshield gasket that protects from EMI and radio frequency (RF) interference.

Also, it holds ISO 9001:2015, NSF, and UL certifications, among others, for its US production centre.

Vanguard Products components

  • Custom rubber seals and gaskets
  • Custom silicone extrusions
  • Custom rubber/silicone o-rings
  • EMI shielding gaskets/conductive gaskets
  • M83528 EMI/RFI shielding gaskets
  • Rubber tubing
  • Silicone tubing
  • Medical grade silicone tubing
  • Food grade silicone tubing
  • EPDM tubing, profiles, and elastomers
  • Custom moulded rubber products
  • Thermally integrated EMI gaskets
  • Fabricated EMI/RFI shielding products
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Reach out to us. We will ensure you acquire the right products that fit your technical requirements.

Why choose MEC IMEX for Vanguard Products components

Size matters and drives your business in several ways. Making components faster, smaller, integrated, and secure is a mission that MEC IMEX shares.

For years, we have designed, manufactured, and distributed cable assembly and wire harness products worldwide. Growing your business is easier when you are linked to our network of suppliers and parts that can deliver big results.

The world’s biggest companies often place steep demands on their component partners: guaranteed delivery, forward pricing, quick response when consumer trends create surprises. Be prepared with some on-demand resources with providers you already know; Vanguard Products is just one of the relationships MEC IMEX has built over the years. Let us be your advocate and technical partner.

MEC IMEX sources precision equipment and components worldwide to bring the best and cost-effective materials to your projects. We are an extension of your network to add experience, knowledge and components. At your side when it matters – from initial development to any ongoing service and repairs needs. A few examples:

Custom silicone extrusions

Tubing for food-service ingredient use and industrial applications for high-performance industrial manufacturing.

Seals and gaskets

Protect and defend the high-value components in electromechanical devices that are exposed to severe weather, shock absorption, and complex systems.

Unique compounds and ongoing innovation

EPDM rubber, silicone, and other new materials are a key part of adapting to the needs of customer product needs and the increasing demands of emerging technologies.

Reliable, sustainable, proven solutions

The changing role of supply networks and customer requests for environmentally sensitive materials guide our development. We work to balance complex stakeholder interests to ensure that we deliver the right mix of low cost, high value, compliance, and other requirements you specify.

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