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Manufacturers and system integrators choose MEC products for our reliability

Monitor and display screen supply in Asia

MEC IMEX (Singapore) supplies monitors and display screens to electronics equipment providers and system integrators throughout Asia.

Our products come with factory-direct pricing and the further benefit of meticulous quality control.

We also offer sales support and technical advice services to enable you to choose the right monitors and displays for your requirements.

Our monitor and display screen products

MEC monitor and display screen products are used in an extensive variety of business, medical, educational, and consumer applications which include:

  1. Computer monitors
  2. Digital displays and touch display screens
  3. Video walls
  4. Digital signage
  5. Touch screen signage
  6. Security monitors
  7. Interactive whiteboards
  8. Transparent screens
  9. Smart TVs

Computer monitors

  • LCD and LED monitors
  • Headrest monitors
  • POS monitors and service terminals
  • Wide-screen monitors
  • Gaming monitors
  • Security/surveillance monitors

Digital displays & touch display screens

  • Interactive touch screens
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Large, controlled display screens
  • Transparent screens
  • Outdoor digital signage
  • Bar and menu digital signage
  • Elevator digital signage
  • Video walls
  • Self-service kiosk screens

Video walls

MEC technology makes video wall installation easy and cost-effective – no more untidy cables – and they produce sharp images with precisely defined colours.

Our innovative display walls can be found across multiple applications, including shopping malls, central control rooms, and conference venues.

Digital signage

Our tempered glass LCD digital media signage products range from 18.5 inches to 86 inches and provide a powerful way to engage with audiences.

Our built-in Android system and our own software applications make it simple to manage display content, and our innovative digital displays are ideal for a wide variety of applications such as banks, hotels and restaurants, shops and chain stores, and ticket offices.

Touch screen signage

MEC Full Metal Unibody LCD dynamic touch signage – outstanding digital poster products ranging from 43 inches to 55 inches – comes with an excellent touch function, and, like our digital signage, incorporates an Android system our self-developed software.

Security monitors

Our HD multimedia surveillance monitors/security camera monitors are designed with full metal housing, and can be found in multiple settings, including fast-food outlets, ticket rooms, schools, airports, hotels, cinemas, and financial centres.

Interactive whiteboards

MEC interactive whiteboards (IWBs) have replaced traditional whiteboards, blackboards and overhead projectors in many settings, especially for educational purposes and in corporate presentations.

Our range of 55-inch, 65-inch, 70-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch interactive whiteboards feature dual Windows and Android and wireless display functions – easy to interact with other smart devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

Transparent screens

Unlike traditional LCDs, our transparent screens give users an unprecedented visual and interactive experience.

Our transparent screen interactive display devices allow the viewer to see the screen image while also seeing a screen behind the main screen – enhancing efficiency of information transmission and allowing the user to interact with the dynamic transparent display.

Smart TVs

The display technology and design behind our LCD and LED smart TVs provides the ideal choice for multiple uses.

A combination of computer, television set and set-top box, with integrated internet and interactive features, our smart TVs enable users to easily stream videos and music, browse the internet and view photos.

Have a product enquiry?

Reach out to us. We will ensure you acquire the right products that fit your technical requirements.

Why choose MEC monitors and display screens

The monitors and display screens we market brings several advantages for our customers, including:

  • Innovative, hi-spec products backed by expert research and development.
  • Energy-saving features, environmental protection and minimal electrostatic discharge.
  • Cost-effectiveness through our high levels of quality control and factory-direct prices.

We’ve been supplying monitors and display screens to Asian manufacturers and system integrators for 18 years. They keep coming back to us because of our integrity and professionalism and our willingness to solve any problems they may encounter.

We offer the most advanced products and turnkey and customised solutions, which can be found throughout Asia in shopping centres, offices, transport hubs, universities, hospitals, libraries, and churches – to name but a few applications.

Value-added services

MEC IMEX also offers value-added services to our customers. These include:

  • Expert advice on choice of monitors and display screens.
  • Advanced technical support.
  • Troubleshooting solutions.
  • EMC testing.
  • CE Mark certification for exports to the EU.

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