Asia’s value-added distributor of quality electromagnetic compatibility products

Trusted, authorised distributor of TNC products

As a respected, authorised distributor of TNC products, MEC IMEX (Singapore) plays a key role in the supply of quality electromagnetic shielding, line filter and automotive inductor components to manufacturers and system integrators in Southeast Asia.

Because we’re experts ourselves on electromagnetic issues, we can offer our customers crucial advice on getting the most effective products for their needs.

You’ll also have access to technical support and services such as EMC (electromagnetic compliance) tests.

TNC products we distribute

South Korea-based TNC was founded in 1997 as a specialist electromagnetic protection component manufacturer.

The company has earned an impressive reputation for:

  • Advanced electromagnetic equipment
  • Long-term, innovative technology research and development
  • Innovative production techniques
  • Highly-skilled engineers
  • Competitive prices
  • Excellent delivery schedule

MEC IMEX supplies a range of electromagnetic products, line filters, and inductors that are used in applications such as:

  • Information communication systems
  • Consumer electronics, such as fridges and washing machines
  • Air conditioning
  • Industrial and medical markets

Product range

  • Line filters including common-mode coils
  • EMI filters
  • PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) filter adapters
  • Reactors
  • Automotive inductors
Have a product enquiry?

Reach out to us. We will ensure you acquire the right products that fit your technical requirements.

Why choose MEC IMEX to supply your TNC products

MEC IMEX has 18 years’ experience as a distributor of electromagnetic components. We’ve gained a reputation for our professionalism, honesty and integrity, customer commitment, and reliability.

Leading ODMs (original design manufacturers) and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) look to MEC IMEX for their TNC products because our supply service comes with multiple benefits, including comprehensive supply solutions, customisation options, and no middleman mark-up.

Value-added services

Our technical EMC expertise also enables us to recommend the products that will most effectively match your specific requirements.

MEC IMEX ancillary services include:

  • Troubleshooting EMC problems.
  • On-site EMC testing.
  • Pre-compliance EMC testing.
  • CE Mark certification for EU exports.
  • Electromagnetic coil winding.
  • Power electronics design and prototyping.

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