King Core

Asia’s value-added distributor of quality electromagnetic compatibility products

Authorised distributor of King Core products

Makers of electromagnetic component products and testing services rely on MEC IMEX to deliver custom solutions and distributor access to known names such as King Core Electronics.

Since the 1980s, Taiwan-based King Core has supplied critical parts that power computers, LCD monitors and TV products, digital cameras, and many more devices. System integrators across a wide range of manufacturing from lighting to power supplies – both wired and wireless – request King Core for its high technical standards, availability, and pricing.

MEC IMEX is proud to be a trusted partner and authorised distributor with availability and access to the catalogue of parts you need. Cabling, wiring, and components are the building blocks for products, and your customers depend on them.

On-time delivery and visible, reliable inventories are crucial to meeting tight manufacturing schedules. You need a vendor partner who understands all your requirements: timing, budget storage, forecasting, and integration. Count on MEC IMEX to support your company’s needs – meeting today’s requirements and the future of a fast-changing electronics industry.

King Core products MEC IMEX distributes

Products from cable TV boxes to “smart speakers” and brand names known worldwide contain King Core components for EMI suppression ferrite cores, SMD chokes, precision wire-wound coils, multilayer chip beads/inductors, bead arrays for noise suppression applications, and SMD ceramic chip inductors/filters.

King Core holds multiple ISO certifications and other quality or sustainable, “green energy” standards. That is just one part of the MEC IMEX difference. Assure the reliability of your supplier network and help your products stand out – we know that low-price, quick delivery, recycled content, and other details can mean competitive advantages.

King Core products

  • Mini chokes
  • EMI chip suppressors
  • EMI bead cores
  • SMY chip inductors
  • Common mode chokes
  • Power chokes
  • Dip type coil inductors
  • EMI/RFI absorbers
  • Flat cable cores
  • Clamp core for round cables
  • Solid core for round cables
  • Wide band cores
  • Other types of cores
Have a product enquiry?

Reach out to us. We will ensure you acquire the right products that fit your technical requirements.

Why choose MEC IMEX for your King Core products

Original equipment manufacturers and system integrators turn to MEC IMEX for its full range of products and services that enable profitable growth. Compatible electromagnetic components that work well together is your goal – and our mission – regardless of what you build and where it is sold.

Testing services and access to both custom and off-the-shelf items work together, allowing MEC IMEX to provide the best options for your needs. Assured integration and quality levels that give your customer the best devices at preferred prices.

Advantages you’ll also gain:

  • Selection, access, and custom-made or supplied components.
  • Continued innovation from King Core and other partners that is trusted by Sony, Hitachi, Foxconn, and others.
  • A commitment to service and support.

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