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Asia’s leading value-added provider of electromagnetic compatibility solutions

Quality electronics testing and designing services

MEC IMEX (Singapore) provides comprehensive testing and designing services to electronics manufacturers and system integrators throughout Asia.

These services provide a cost-effective solution to get your new products onto the market – spotting potential problems to allow for early intervention to avoid time-consuming and expensive re-designs later.

MEC IMEX services

MEC IMEX has established a solid reputation for professionalism, transparency, technical expertise, problem-solving capabilities, and reliability for our services:

  1. Pre-compliance EMC testing
  2. On-site EMC/EMI testing
  3. CE mark certification, testing, and evaluation
  4. Power electronics design and prototyping
  5. Coil winding

Pre-compliance EMC testing

MEC IMEX offers a streamlined pre-compliance EMC (electromagnetic compliance) testing process for any market you want to reach – a service that can save you time and money and avoid extra workload.

A fast, affordable alternative to full accreditation compliance, our pre-compliance EMC testing will:

  • Identify potential issues during the early stages of product development design – to facilitate measures to lower susceptibility to both internal and external electromagnetic interference.
  • Detect compliance problems later in the development cycle – to increase first-time full EMC compliance pass rates without further re-design.

We offer electromagnetic emissions testing for a wide range of electrical and electronic products – from consumer electronics and IT and telecommunications systems to medical devices, laboratory apparatus, and automotive, rail, and marine equipment.

On-site EMC/EMI testing

If you have large equipment or fixed installations, our technicians can carry out EMC/EMI (electromagnetic interference) testing on your premises.

Our on-site EMC/EMI testing services also include:

  • Site surveys of RF (radiofrequency) emissions.
  • Coaxial cable installations – on-site electromagnetic interference measurements to verify compliance.

Besides radiated emissions, we can also detect issues such as:

  • Excessive ESD (electrostatic discharge)
  • Conducted emissions
  • Voltage interruptions, surges, and dips

CE mark certification testing & evaluation

CE Marking Certification is your gateway to European Union electronics markets – an assurance that your products satisfy all relevant legal requirements set by the EU.

Our CE (Conformitè Europëenne) mark certification, testing, and evaluation services include:

  • Determining which New Approach Directives for CE Marking are applicable to your product.
  • Fulfilling the mandatory requirements.
  • Declaration of conformity.
  • Registration with the appropriate governing body in the EU.

Power electronics design & prototyping

MEC IMEX provides power electronics design and prototyping services for major players across multiple sectors, including industrial, network, telecom, and medical.

Our team comprises expert engineers, PCB (printed circuit board) designers, test technicians, and software and firmware programmers. This expertise enables us to determine the most effective circuitry and power conversion techniques for your specific requirements.

We offer both design and design-plus-manufacture services for all areas of power electronics.

Our services include:

  • Energy-saving designs
  • High-voltage power supplies
  • Battery chargers
  • Inverters and micro inverters
  • Energy consultation for green buildings

Coil winding

In addition to EMC/EMI and CE mark certification testing, MEC IMEX also offers coil winding services – manufacture of electromagnetic coils that provide a crucial role in creating a magnetic field in many types of circuits.

Our coil winding services are used by many manufacturers of electronic and electrical products such as:

  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Microphones
  • Loudspeakers
  • Medical equipment

Our coil winding services include:

  • Linear winding
  • Flyer winding
  • Needle winding
  • Toroidal core winding
  • Distributed winding
  • Custom coil winding
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Advantages of MEC IMEX services

MEC IMEX’s pre-compliance EMC/EMI testing services pave the way for a more efficient design process that avoids compliance problems in the future, and our CE mark certification process is your ticket to expansion within the EU.

Our coil winding services also play a critical role – in any application where an electric current has to interact with a magnetic field.

As a manufacturer of electronic components and an authorised distributor of quality electromagnetic products from established brands, we can also recommend the right products to resolve clients’ EMC/EMI issues and we have access to manufacturers’ in-house experts for advanced technical support.

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