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High-performance electrical systems require the best solutions to keep them running smoothly. Whether the goal is to create durable electrical circuits or protect sensitive electrical parts with insulation, we want to help your equipment operate at peak performance. Regardless of your business’s industry, MEC IMEX is here to support you.

That is why we choose to partner and distribute products from Von Roll, an industry leader in electrical insulation systems.

The partnership between MEC IMEX and Von Roll supports us in providing top-of-the-line solutions. MEC IMEX is Asia’s leading electromagnetic compatibility solutions provider. Like Von Roll, we share similar visions and goals of helping our clients with efficient solutions in the production of quality electronic components and electrical products.

Von Roll products MEC IMEX supplies

Von Roll Group, headquartered in Switzerland, is a leading technology specialist supplying products and services for energy generation, distribution, and electrical machines. It began operations in 1803 and continues to provide solutions for electrification and energy generation.

With over centuries of experience and innovation, Von Roll products bear the mark of exceptional Swiss quality engineering. The company continues to expand its research and design efforts in electrification and sustainability, envisioning a safer, emission-free future.

Battery components

  • Multi-purpose composite covers
  • Multi-purpose composite housings
  • Fire retardant
  • Busbar insulations
  • Insulation laminates
  • Gas filler/pottings

Electronic & electric components

  • Potting resins
  • Conformal coatings
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Reach out to us. We will ensure you acquire the right products that fit your technical requirements.

Why choose MEC IMEX for Von Roll products

In manufacturing, defective products and delays in production cost your business. Therefore, setting up your factory plant facilities with a suitable partner is critical. MEC IMEX is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to improve your machine set-up efficiency.

By working with MEC IMEX, you’re tapping on 3 key benefits.

Technical know-how

MEC IMEX has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry and has access to the technical know-how and expertise you need to make the best possible decision for your application. In addition, we have a team of highly experienced sales engineers that can help you find the right product and services.

We choose to work with reliable vendors

Apart from Switzerland-based Von Roll Group, we also work with other vendors who are industry leaders in their fields. They possess the appropriate quality certifications to meet industry standards. Reliability and reputation are critical considerations for choosing suppliers. We want to establish and maintain dependable vendor relationships as our suppliers are also crucial to supporting our clients with excellent customer service, cost efficiency, quality, and timely market development.

Other value-added services relevant to the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) sector

MEC IMEX is Asia’s leading provider of EMC solutions. Besides an exceptional distribution service, we also deliver other value-added services such as pre-compliance EMC testing, on-site EMC/EMI testing, CE mark certification, testing and evaluation. Therefore, when you choose MEC IMEX, you also gain our professionalism and expertise in all these areas.

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