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Authorised distributor of Singatron waterproof connectors

When your electronic components have to endure severe weather conditions, MEC IMEX is your trusted partner and authorised distributor for Singatron’s waterproof wiring and connecting parts. Thousands of options for wiring, cabling, protection in products such as E-bikes, cable TV, and WiFi or audio/video gear that is built for long-term survival.

Laptops, tablets, wireless speakers, “smart devices”, and audio or telephone devices are going farther from the tabletop or desktop than ever before. These complex items need protection against drops, damage, weather, and heavy usage. Buyers want performance, not the old “ruggedised” design of a plastic bumper or case.

Trust MEC IMEX for the internal components that make products affordable, high-performance, sustainable, and ready for anything.

Singatron products that we supply

You know that heat, cold, water, vibration, and dust are all enemies of electromagnetic signals and devices. Singatron offers more than 2 decades of experience in manufacturing cost-effective connector components. It has a global network for production and thousands of items spanning automotive, marine, outdoor display, and other applications. You’ll find them inside the newest generations of products that rely on network access.

Just think of all the items you use each day with USB ports, audio and video connections, internal wiring, and battery systems. MEC IMEX is proud to be a distribution partner for these critical ingredients that power and connect the world.

Categories of products carried:

  1. Waterproof connectors
  2. Consumer connectors and electronic components

Waterproof connectors

  • Circular waterproof connectors, including mini, standard, middle, and large connectors
  • Quick-lock waterproof connectors
  • M5/M8 waterproof connectors
  • M12 waterproof connectors
  • USB waterproof connectors
  • USB charge waterproof connectors
  • RJ45 waterproof connectors
  • Cable gland waterproof connectors
  • NMEA2000 waterproof connectors
  • LEV (E-bike) waterproof connectors

Consumer connectors & electronic components

  • DC power jacks, including DIP, SMT/DIP+SMT, wire assembly types
  • Audio jacks, including 3.5 mm diameter DIP, 3.5 mm diameter SMT/DIP+SMT, and 2.5 mm diameter DIP/DIP+SMT types
  • USB Type-C connectors
  • USB 3.0/2.0 connectors, including Standard-A, Mini-B, Mini-AB, and Micro-B types
  • RJ45 connectors, including with transformer, without transformer, and half types
  • HDMI connectors
Have a product enquiry?

Reach out to us. We will ensure you acquire the right products that fit your technical requirements.

Why choose MEC IMEX for your Singatron products

In the competitive, evolving world of electronics MEC IMEX has distribution relationships and expertise that support your company. Commercial products can be designed with customised EMC parts, or sourced from reliable partners such as Singatron and other providers.

Turn to MEC IMEX for the services and expertise to advise on technical standards and interoperability. Collaborate with us with confidence and on the testing services that supply proof of meeting high quality standards and regulatory requirements. Whether you choose original design or off-the-shelf components, your success is part of working together.


  • Having an authorised distributor makes a difference when sourcing reliable waterproofed connections from Singatron and other partners. For example, Singatron is a “green partner” in sustainable sourcing programs led by industry leaders Asus and Sony.
  • A commitment to your success backed by our service and support and a global network.
  • Flexibility of custom-made or supplied components, ready when you are.

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